Collection: Rocna Vulcan

The Rocna anchor was designed by New Zealand sailor Peter Smith, who has been designing, building, and sailing boats since the early 1960’s.

Crafted by seasoned sailor Peter Smith, Rocna anchors embody a legacy of nautical expertise and a passion for designing and building anchors, in addition to sailing. With a sailing journey spanning the globe and over 350,000 nautical miles, Peter confronted the universal challenge every boater faces: the quest for a reliable anchor that doesn’t falter, regardless of the seabed.

“Your anchor should provide you and your crew with reliability, security, and confidence,” says Peter. A lifetime of nautical experience worldwide was poured into an anchor  initially conceived for Peter’s own use  which became the original Rocna. Peter wanted to change the status quo for himself  and other boaters. That’s why our range of new-generation anchors are easy to use, set instantly on most seabeds, and provide rock solid holding power to be trusted for ultimate peace of mind.